Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A few favorites...

I got this idea from another blog that I follow so I am going to try it!!!  Below are a few of my random favorite things!!!!

1. I love this jewelry designer! Bryan bought me these  for Mother's Day!

2. This place has the best cookies ever! Cherry Chocolate Chip is the best!!! You can tast the butter:)

3. As long as we're on food this lady makes the most fabulous cakes!!! We use her all the time for celebrations...she made my wedding cake and my sisters!

4. I am really loving this skin care line!  I only use one of the day and night creams...it's a little pricey but I can so tell a difference in the texture of my skin...I get into good creams for your face!

5. I love love love this devotional book! 

6. This is the best radio station ever! I wish that the DFW area would pick up this station!  This is one good thing about OKC!

7. One of our favorite cities to visit is Boston. One of our favorite things to eat while we are there is a hot lobster roll from this place.

8. I want to be here!  We stayed in this hotel on our honeymoon!

9. I bought Bryan another pair of these boots for his birthday and he loves them!!!

10. I would love for Mason's room in our new house to look like this:)

Okay... I hope all my links work!!! That is all for now...my little man is waking up from his nap!!! 

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