Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Ugliness of Comparison...

Hello Friends!

I know it's been forever since I have posted....we have been back and forth between OKC and Texas and staying very busy!  My little stinker will be 3 months old on Monday!!!!  It seems like yesterday that our daily routine consisted of 3 hour intervals between NICU visits.  Now we have a healthy, growing baby boy at home with us!!!  Thank you Lord for the blessing of Mason!

You're probably wondering why I chose the title for this blog...well, because I have discovered the truth about's ugly.  If you think about it we compare our lives constantly....and for what reason??  To make ourselves feel better or to remind ourselves of the things we want that we don't have.  No matter what the reason comparisons are ugly and bring out the selfishness in us all!

One of my sweet OKC friends told me this week (I was having a really rough day) that one of the downfalls of all parents is comparing our kids to other kids.  My son is only 3 months old and I am already doing this.  As most of you know Mason was 8 weeks early...according to his due date he is only a month old.  I had no idea what a difference there is between a term baby and one born early.  I have friends who had their babies after me and they are already holding their head up, laughing, sleeping through the night,  etc.  Mason is just not there yet...close...but not quite ready.

In the past couple of weeks I have caught my self becoming more and more anxious about what Mason is not doing compared to other babies...what a sin!!  First, I am not being thankful for my sweet, perfect, baby boy! Second, I am not trusting the Lord.  He created Mason and He has a plan for him that is far more perfect than mind. Lastly, I am comparing my baby to someone else's when the Lord created them all differently but all in His image.

I am turning over a new leaf as a Mommy...I'm sure I will be guilty of comparing Mason to someone else again but from now on I am going to pray that the Lord would help me recognize when I am doing this and let it be a way to trust and become more intimate in my walk with HIM.  I am so thankful to serve such a merciful and gracious God and I am so thankful for my 8 week early precious son that the Lord designed specifically for me:)

Love to all...Natalie

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  1. i love your honesty. this is definitely something that i think all moms struggle with - no matter the age of their kids. thank you for sharing your heart. your little mason is precious!